What questions to ask when you need a vehicle inspection.

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What questions should you ask when looking for a vehicle inspection company?

  1.  What are you hoping to accomplish with your inspection?  Reed Consulting, LLC will tailor your inspection to your needs.  A pre-purchase inspection for a classic car differs greatly from a new car, which differs from a sports car or exotic car.  We’ll answer your questions before you place your order to make sure we focus on exactly what your goals are. 
  2. Is the vehicle inspection company experienced?  Reed Consulting, LLC is the most experienced vehicle inspection service in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.  We have done hundreds of inspections including classic and muscle cars, used cars, new cars, exotic and sports cars, normal, everyday drivers, vans, trucks, recreational vehicles (RVs), commercial vehicles including semi-trucks and trailers, boats, motorcycles, and more.  We understand that the needs of customers and vehicles vary across a broad spectrum of situations.
  3. What is the process Reed Consulting, LLC uses for inspecting?  What make it the best vehicle inspection service?  Reed Consulting, LLC uses a 100 pt checklist, a written summary, dozens of photos, and attention to detail to do a comprehensive vehicle inspection.  Upon receiving the order, we immediately call to schedule your inspection.  A fast inspection is important for both the seller and the buyer.  The vehicle inspection itself consists of an OBD code scan, engine compartment, exterior, underside, interior, VIN, mileage, features, and more.  We offer the most detailed inspection, at the lowest price, with the quickest turnaround time.
  4. What is the coverage area for vehicle inspections for Reed Consulting, LLC?  We cover a wide range, primarily the Milwaukee to Madison to Chicago triangle.  We have done inspections as far as La Crosse, WI, Rockford, IL, Green Bay, WI.  It is common for us to do a vehicle inspection in Kenosha, WI, Appleton, WI, and Janesville, WI in the same week.  Our overall coverage area for vehicle inspections is basically the Southern half of Wisconsin and the Northern half of Illinois.
  5. What is the price for vehicle inspections?  The price varies.  Our price starts at $175.00, which is the lowest on the market.  We don’t do advertising and keep our overhead very low, which passes the saving on to you.  There are price add-ons for high end or classic cars, but our price is still much lower.  Most of our inspections are $175 total.
  6. How quickly can Reed Consulting, LLC do an inspection?  We are THE fastest vehicle inspection company in Wisconsin and Illinois.  We have done inspections in the same day.  It depends on how quickly the seller can schedule for us to come out and do the inspection.  Example:  You place your order in the morning—we immediately call the seller—we schedule the inspection for the earliest possible time—we inspect the vehicle, compile the data, photos, and summary—we produce the report and get it to you when complete.  It is possible to place your order and get the report back in the same day.  It just depends on how quickly the seller can give us access to the vehicle.  We understand both the buyer and seller want the process to be fast, seamless, and thorough.  Our process is designed to meet these vehicle inspection expectations.

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