When to get a vehicle inspection for a vehicle you want to buy:

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People order vehicle inspection for several reasons.  Insurance purposes, VIN verification of a classic car, new vehicle purchase, used vehicle purchase, and condition reports.  The most common reason to order an inspection is the car was found online and the buyer wants someone where the vehicle is located to look at it for them and verify the details. 

We’ve all found a car online.  The next question we all have is about any issues the vehicle may have.  Is the seller being upfront about the vehicle.  Vehicle inspections with Reed Consulting, LLC will give buyers peace of mind.  Here’s what we’ll do.

* We will call the seller immediately and schedule the inspection as soon as possible.

* We’ll verify the Make, Model, VIN, Mileage and do a diagnostic scan (if applicable).

* We check the engine compartment, oil, look for leaks, odd odors and sounds.

* We’ll inspect the exterior for condition, dings, dents, scratches, blemishes, and rust.

* We will drive the vehicle (if possible).

* We inspect the interior for features, function, condition, and amenities.

* We’ll check the underside of the vehicle for leaks, rust, and any other issues.

* We inspect the rim and tires for type, size, tread, curb rash, and condition.

We take photos of everything on the vehicle—interior, exterior, underneath, engine, OBD scan, VIN, mileage, tires and rims, and any issues found.  We return a 100+ data point inspection, with dozens of photos, and a written summary including any red flags or issues found.

Here is a real-world example: The buyer, a woman in Missouri found a Honda Pilot she liked online.  The SUV was in Milwaukee, WI.  Does she take the risk of driving 17 hrs round trip just to see the car?  Take off work, spend an entire weekend?  Fly there and back?  Think of the time and cost to do that.  Just take the dealer’s word for it? 

She ordered a vehicle inspection from Reed Consulting, LLC.  Within hours we were inspecting the vehicle.  There were significant scratches on the exterior, the driver’s seat was torn, it had five thousand more miles on it than it showed in the advertisement (a typo), and the amenities shown were slightly different than the ad, too.  There were no error codes during the diagnostic scan, and mechanically the vehicle was sound.  By the next morning she had the report, the data points, the summary, and the photos to be a very well-informed buyer. 

The vehicle condition report from Reed Consulting, LLC gave the buyer the knowledge to negotiate a better price for the vehicle.  The original asking price was $27,900.  With the SUV inspection report she was able to negotiate a selling price of $23,500.  Factoring in the price of the inspection, this buyer saved $4,225 on the transaction, got peace of mind in her purchase, and was able to get the car she wanted.  The dealer was happy to make the sale.  Within 1 day of contacting Reed Consulting, LLC the buyer saved thousands of dollars and upgraded her ride. 

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