Different Vehicles require Different Inspections

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Reed Consultants

This week at Reed Consulting, LLC:

1970 Camaro Inspection, Kenosha, WI. The buyer wanted a special emphasis to make sure panels matched and there was not rust underneath.

1987 Ferrari Inspection, Chicago, IL. We looked specifically at the condition of the exterior.  There was small paint chips.  We took photos and sent the report. 

2020 Kia Stinger Inspection, Whitewater, WI.  The seller disclosed this car was in perfect condition other than a small scratch on the front.  We were able to verify this vehicle inspection was exactly up to the specifications indicated, including mileage, VIN, and condition

Reeds Consulting

1966 Lincoln Continental Inspection, Madison, WI.  This was a unique vehicle inspection.  The trunk space is particularly important as it’s a convertible vehicle, with hydraulic arms and components that fold into the trunk.  This classic car had power windows, seats, and convertible top, all of which worked.  The vehicle was in excellent condition.  The seller was happy to find a buyer who would love this car as much as he did, and the buyer was happy to find the perfect vehicle for his collection.

Reed Consultants

2023 Ford F150 Inspection, Milwaukee, WI.  Ford F150 has long been the most popular vehicle in America.  We inspected this brand-new Ford truck for a buyer in Indiana.  We were able to confirm the condition, the amenities, and all the important details. 

Some companies will offer some photos, some data, and some details of a vehicle condition report.  With Reed Consulting, LLC, a vehicle inspection consists of extensive data: 100 data points, dozens of photos, VIN verification, mileage verification, interior, exterior, underneath, amenities, tires, wheels, engine, special areas of concern the buyer may have, test drive, and more.


Reed Consulting, LLC is the premier, most experienced, lowest priced, and most thorough vehicle inspection company.  We have performed hundreds of vehicle inspections and know what to look for from one vehicle to another.  A 2023 Lamborghini inspection is much different than a 1968 Ford Mustang inspection, which differs greatly from other vehicles, and so on.  It is normal for our customers to save more in their vehicle purchase by getting an inspection from Reed Consulting, LLC.

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