Mortgage FAQ's

Mortgage FAQ's
Do you have mortgage questions?
And want to get answers without a sales pitch? We can help!
Industry Expertise
We have over 25 years of lending experience, but we are not a lender. We can give you free advice and refer you to an expert at no cost!
Why do we offer free mortgage advice?
Our boutique services often find us offering insurance, lending, inspection and credit advice. We are not a lender so we can answer the questions but not lend.
Unique/Boutique-An assembly of experts!
With expertise in insurance, mortgage, field inspections, and credit repair, we offer a unique consulting firmable to help you in every situation.
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How free is the mortgage advice and referral?

Completely free. We cannot and will not charge you and if you like we will refer you to a licensed professional to see if you can get a mortgage. If you don't want to be referred we will not refer you. There is no SPAM or telemarketing and this service is completely free-we do not take an application, ask for your SSN, or get compensated for the advice or referral.

Referral Partners

Sometimes my partners send me referrals for insurance, inspections, and credit repair. I don't pay them for their referrals. Sometimes I send mortgage referrals to my licensed partners, they do not pay me either. We do this because many times when discussions of finances come up it's nice to have a place for you to turn should you need another type of service in conjunction with the mortgage/insurance/credit situation you are trying to approach.

I have a mortgage related question, what do I do?

Call the number on the top of this page. Someone will answer or call you back (novel concept, I know). This site is dedicated to financially helping our clients and answering mortgage questions is one service we offer. You will never be spammed or put on a marketing list--like every other site out there. You will not be asked for personal information or to fill out an application.

We can answer your questions completely free of charge! You will not be marketed to or pitched a product by filling out this form, it is only for us to answer your questions.

We never tele-market, SPAM, or sell your info